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Tour Overview

Join Inverness Premier Tours as we follow Claire and Jaime’s journey through the Highlands on our epic Outlander tour. Immerse yourself in the real history that inspired the books and TV series, and soak up the beautiful and scenic Highland locations where the events of the story took place.

Setting off from your place of stay in Inverness, walk the Battlefield at Culloden where the infamous Battle of Culloden was fought between the Jacobite forces and the British Army. Visit Culloden House, where Bonnie Prince Charlie headquartered before the battle. See the Clava Cairns, home to the standing stones near Culloden that inspired the mystical Craigh na Dun, and site of the famous Cleft Stone through which Claire travels back in time. Visit Castle Leod (Castle Leoch), the seat of Clan Mackenzie and home of Laird Colum Mackenzie in the story. Stop by Beauly and it’s Priory, the stronghold of clan Fraser, before taking a wee dram at the Mackenzie-owned Glen Ord Distillery. Finally visit the Wardlaw Mausoleum, the final resting place of “The Old Fox,” before heading back to Inverness.

Possible Itinerary

Culloden Battlefield

At Culloden Battlefield you will be able to see where both armies stood during the real battle, and learn much more about what happened at Culloden at the visitor centre.

Culloden House

Bonnie Prince Charlie was known to have headquartered here in the days before the Battle of Culloden.

Clava Cairns

The cairns are often called the real Craigh na Dun by fans of Outlander.

Castle Leod

The seat of the Mackenzie clan, lies surrounded by beautiful unspoiled Scottish countryside.

Beauly & Beauly Priory

Beauly Priory was founded around 1230 by monks of the Valliscaulian order. Visit this pretty, and largely intact abbey.

Glen Ord Distillery

The land upon which the distillery was built had belonged to the Mackenzies for over 700 years.

Wardlaw Mausoleum

This is the real-life family crypt of the Frasers of Lovat.

A Note To Remember:

We want you to have the best experience of the Highlands, which is why our tours are flexible and 100% customisable. All of the locations listed on our tours are intended to be optional, and you can choose whether to add, remove or extend locations based on your own personal preference. Contact us if you have any questions or special tour requests.

Pick Up & Drop Off Information

We want you to get the very best out of your tour, which is why all of our tours are flexible, customisable and tailored to you. We don’t rush you along — instead, we always make sure you get to experience your Highland tour on your own terms.

Your friendly local driver and guide will pick you up from your place of stay in Inverness or from an agreed pick-up point. There will be plenty of time to discuss the tour, route, and attractions prior to departing.

The tour will last approximately 6 hours, after which you will be dropped off at either your pick-up point or a place in Inverness of your choosing.

Full Tour Description

Culloden Battlefield

Our tour starts from Inverness city centre, from where we then travel east, passing the Moray Firth to reach the town of Culloden and Culloden Battlefield. The Culloden Outlander scenes cover the final battle between the Jacobite Highland forces and the British Army, or ‘Redcoats.’ At Culloden Battlefield you will be able to see where both armies stood during the real battle, and learn much more about what happened at Culloden at the visitor centre. Take some time to view the artefacts on display, speak to local expert historians and try the immersive 360-degree Battle of Culloden experience.

Another well-known Outlander Culloden scene takes place after the battle when Jamie Fraser and a number of wounded Jacobites manage to hide in a farmhouse — reminiscent of Leanach Cottage, a preserved 18th century that would have stood during the battle. A number of memorial cairns and stones, including the Fraser Clan stone that Claire kneels at in the story, are available to visit.

Culloden House

Optionally you may wish to visit nearby Culloden House, now a hotel, where Bonnie Prince Charlie was known to have headquartered in the days before the Battle of Culloden. This beautiful historic mansion was sadly nearly destroyed after the events of the battle, but has been rebuilt and stands as a fine example of Georgian architecture.

Clava Cairns

While you won’t be transported back to 1743 you will feel a definite sense of history when visiting Clava Cairns. Just a short journey from Culloden, the cairns are often called the real Craigh na Dun by fans of Outlander. Clava Cairns is an exceptionally well-preserved bronze-age cemetery, featuring a number of prominent standing stones and large stone “passage cairns.”

Outlander fans will no doubt recognise the cleft stone, which Claire travels back in time through. Indeed this famous stone is the same one pictured on the back of Outlander author Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlandish Companion.”

Ancient people used this site over and over again, suggesting a deep significance that has sadly been all but lost to time, however, historians and archaeologists have pieced together a great deal, which you can learn more about at the site.

Castle Leod (Castle Leoch)

From the Clava Cairns, we then travel north, crossing over to the Black Isle and onto Strathpeffer. Castle Leod, the seat of the Mackenzie clan, lies surrounded by beautiful unspoiled Scottish countryside, is the inspiration for Castle Leoch in the Outlander story, home of Colum Mackenzie and his family. Claire spends much of her time here early in the Outlander story and meets Jaimie, the Laird’s nephew, here.

The castle has been the centre of Highland politics throughout history, including the Jacobite rising of 1745. It is still home to the current Chief and Laird of the Mackenzies, who is happy to lead visitors on pre-arranged private tours. Please note — the castle is only open to the public on certain days of the year. Please contact us if you wish to have a tour of the inside of the castle as we can often arrange this.

Beauly and Beauly Priory

From Strathpeffer and Castle Leod it’s a short journey south to Beauly and Beauly Priory. The town and Priory get their names from the French for ‘beautiful place,’ and are just as gorgeous as the name suggests. Dating back to 1230, the Priory once hosted a Valliscaulian monastic order, who travelled from France to make Beauly their homes.

Although in ruins today, the Priory still holds a number of intriguing discoveries. Many prominent members of the Mackenzie clan are buried here, and the area is popular with visitors who wish to learn more about their Scottish ancestry. In the Outlander story, Beauly and its Priory are at the centre of Fraser country and is the place where Claire meets Maisri the Seer.

Glen Ord Distillery

Clan Mackenzie features heavily in the history and development of Glen Ord Distillery. The land upon which the distillery was built had belonged to the Mackenzies for over 700 years before Thomas Mackenzie chose the site in 1838 to build Glen Ord.

Today the distillery is known as being one of the few remaining that operate their own maltings on-site; even supplying malt to a number of other distilleries. Stop by for a quick teaser and a taste of the famous Singleton Scotch Whisky, or take your time for a longer tour – just let us know what your preference is.

Wardlaw Mausoleum

A must-see for any true Outlander fan. Wardlaw Mausoleum is only a short drive from Beauly and is the real-life family crypt of the Frasers of Lovat. The small building leads to an underground crypt where 6 lead coffins have lain for hundreds of years. The 11th Lord Lovat, nicknamed ‘The Old Fox’ and Jamie’s Grandfather in the Outlander series, is thought to have been interred here. The Mausoleum is truly fascinating and well worth a visit for anyone interested in the history of the Highlands and the Jacobites.

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